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What is S.A.T.?

Student Assistance Team


The Student Assistance Team (SAT) is a school-based group of teachers whose purpose is to provide additional Tier II support to students who are experiencing difficulties that are preventing them from benefiting from general education, whether they are either performing below or above expectations. By “catching” these students in the child study phase, the SAT may not only help the student remain and succeed in the general education program, but also reduce unnecessary referrals to special education.

     The SAT’s mission is to approach and arrive at appropriate solutions to problems in the school environment through a cooperative team effort. Although the team may make referrals to special education and other special programs, the SAT is not part of the special education process, but rather a general education responsibility.

     The SAT addresses problems found through general screening or those brought up as concerns by parents, teachers, or other staff. The SAT designs interventions for those students who show need for individual consideration.  Further, the SAT suggests interventions and focuses on student strengths that may alleviate or resolve the situation prior to referral to Special Education.  In many cases, the SAT is able to assist students who need interventions in order to succeed, but who are not necessarily disabled and, therefore, do not qualify for special education or a Section 504 Plan. Simply put, the SAT is a “support group” for regular education teachers, parents and students who need it.